We manufacture a full range of work boats that can be employed in a variety of roles to support your marine operations. We specialise in customising your vessel to your specific requirements.

Our work boat portfolio includes:

– Survey Vessels
– Dive Boats
– Windfarm Service Vessels
– Oil Recovery Vessels


Our state of the art Patrol Boat portfolio are designed for all coastal defence duties. Our vast range of proven Patrol Boat designs allow our customers to select the vessel most suited for their needs.

All Patrol Boats can be custom designed to meet your requirements:

– 8 to 30 Meters
– Monohull and Wave Piercing Catamarans
– Waterjet or Propeller
– Speeds of up to 45 Knots
– Shallow Draft
– Ballistic Protection


Our portfolio of Crew and Supply vessels are constructed using the latest in technology and are fully customisable to meet your desired requirements.

Our Crew and Supply vessels includes the following customisable specifications:

– 18 to 50 Meters
– Monohull or Catamaran
– Fire Fighting
– DP1 or DP2
– Shallow Draft
– Ballistic Safe Rooms


Veecraft manufactures a wide variety of Ferries to meet our client’s desired requirements and all our Ferries are customisable, to offer a unique and high-quality vessel. All our designs are proven and only of the highest quality materials are used to construct our vessels.

Ferry specifications includes the following:

– 18 to 40 Meters
– Monohull or Catamaran
– Shallow Draft


We have a wide variety of Harbour Boats within our portfolio to suit your specific vessel needs. All our Harbour Boats are fully customisable to client requirements.

Our portfolio of Harbour Boats consists of:

– Pilot Boats
– Harbour Launches
– Mooring Boats
– Tugs